Experienced in responding to a variety of different emergency incidents including: fires, explosions, overturned vehicles, polymerization reactions, air releases, chemical and oil spills, derailments, hazardous material scenes and many other emergencies.

L&M Environmental Response will help rapidly document, manage and mitigate releases and spills to ensure a diligent response and peace of mind. Our background as former regulators and state emergency responders ensures accurate reporting. Saving you time, hassle, and potentially fines.

See our page on Emergency Response Planning Services for how we can help you plan prior to an environmental or hazardous materials emergency to keep your facility in regulatory compliance with the local parish government, state agencies (LDEQ, LDNR, LDWF) and federal agencies (including the U.S. EPA and USCG).

                 • Community and On-site Air Monitoring • ICS Response Management

• Clean-Up Oversight • Regulatory Reporting (verbal and written notifications)

Incident Action Plan Development • Media/Press Management • Regulatory Agency Liaison

L&M Environmental Response, LLC |        504-534-8563      | 24/7

L&M Environmental Response, LLC |    504-534-8563  | 24/7

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